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Best ways to overcome your Depression and Anxiety

Many of you would have a small question in your mind as soon as you read the headline of today’s topic. Yes, we can read your mind, it's often incredible to bring anxiety and depression together though they are two different parameters.

Let us first brief you that there exists a relation between depression and anxiety where depression is imagined to be a bottle of vacuum containing thoughts and anxiety is its cap. Then how to open this cap and let away our depressions? Yes, you can! but how? Here below is the small key secret to open it.

Before that, we must understand that mind is the master of the body, how you treat is how you get treated. Anxiety can be explained simply as a state of mind with pre-negative assumptions which sink you to either state of anger or frustration along with lack of patience. Depression is a state of mind with the continuous thinking of particular situations along with each viewpoint with a deep impact.

Hence, we can say that either anxiety nor depression can lead to each other.


Here are the 6 tips that can open the bottle of depression with the cap of anxiety:

1]Avoid judgement: The utmost problem of people is judging each aspect in each matter, this has to be stopped or else incomplete decisions can lead to improper judgments which on the later situation gives rise to anxiety at pier time.

2]Be a non-negotiable person: Be unchanneled with your decisions and work, never postpone your task of the time, so that you grab perfection and satisfaction which can avoid the intensities of anxiety and depression.

3]Jump high to say you can: State of depression or anxiety isn’t a disease it is just the state of mind, jump higher and say you can you are capable to overcome. Don’t lose yourself in failure, win the failure, stay as if you can face any situations of life, nothing can even approach you.

4]Learn to communicate properly: Talking is your desire, speak for yourself and know when to say yes and when to say no. This can avoid a dilemma of anxiety or in a long term depression.

5]Physical exercise: It is very important to have a healthy body and mind with a good amount of workout, meditation and yoga with nutritious food to avoid the depression and anxiety in your life, this can prove what you are capable of.

6]Work on your weakness: As we know +ve attracts-ve we must always grab the edges of weakness so that we don’t slip into the verge of depression or anxiety.




Thank you, for reading, feel free to comment as well as let us know what you like to see in the upcoming articles.


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