Hey Guys!! We are glad that you stopped by our blog. We are the Founders and Innovative minds behind The Lifestyle Chronicles. We are 19 years old students and bloggers currently living in Mysore.

What we love about blogging is that it is not just people coming together to hear ideas. It is a way to meet new people with similar values and similar thoughts. You came here because we share something in common.

What is The Lifestyle Chronicles about?

What does the word 'lifestyle' mean according to you?

Well, the answer is, the way you lead your life. It is a composite of motivations, the way you express yourself, the trend you set-up, the food you eat and the places you travel. This blog is about self-development, fashion, beauty, travel, food, home organization and more.

If you are reading this we are sure that you are a fashionista or self-driven person or a rover or crafty. Don't worry you are in the right place. We believe that living is an art. Creating a masterpiece is in your hands. We post every Monday and Thursday on your favourite topics. Stay connected with us to explore more.